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Wake Gastroenterology is a full-service Diagnostic Center treating patients in the Triangle and surrounding areas. In addition to basic laboratory and X-ray services, we provide sophisticated endoscopic testing, in-office imaging services, and innovative treatments. Nearly all of our evaluation and treatments are provided in an outpatient setting with easy scheduling, and emphasis on patient comfort.

What does the gastroenterology specialty cover?

The gastroenterology medical specialty focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of the digestive system and medical conditions affecting it. The length of the gastrointestinal tract spans from mouth to anus. Testing and gastroenterology procedures are performed all along the gastrointestinal tract and may be localized in different areas depending on your condition or symptoms.

Services and Procedures

Medical technology and advancements in the specialty over the years have significantly improved the diagnosis and treatment process. Now there are many medical instruments and types of equipment that have made gastroenterology more effective and comfortable for the patient.

Most gastroenterology procedures require specific instructions or preparation plans to be followed pre-procedure. A specific diet is typically followed to allow for optimal evaluation of the gastrointestinal system. Sometimes stool samples may be collected and provided to the gastroenterologist for testing. Most procedures are not painful but may be slightly uncomfortable. Depending on the procedure, sedatives/enemas may or may not be used.

Our services and procedures include:


After gastroenterology procedures, sedatives can take a while to wear off. Gastroenterologists recommend that patients get driven home and avoid operating machinery or a vehicle for a period of time after the visit. If biopsies (samples) are taken during the procedure, patients will be notified when results from the biopsies are collected. Some post-procedure protocols may also suggest that patients follow a certain diet.

Our Practice

Wake Gastroenterology provides diagnosis, testing, and treatment of the gastrointestinal system. Our gastroenterologists and staff are dedicated to your health. They are prepared to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about gastrointestinal procedures. For more information or to set up an appointment, contact us today at one of our Raleigh, NC locations.

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