Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

What happens during a Sigmoidoscopy?

You will be asked to lie on the exam table on your left side with your knees pulled up. The physician and an assistant will be with you. The physician will do the rectal exam. The physician gently inserts the instrument; you may feel some mild cramping and/or pressure from the air that will be inserted. This procedure is quick and well tolerated without medication. Mild bloating after the procedure will pass within a short time.

Finding out the results:

The examining physician will discuss the sigmoidoscopy results with you immediately after the examination. The sigmoidoscopy is an important diagnostic test. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any additional questions. For further questions, please contact your doctor at (919) 781-7500.

Please refer to the following attachments for procedure instructions.

Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Instructions

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