Dairy-Free Recipes

If you have lactose intolerance and have been missing yogurt, I have some good news for you! Many dairy free yogurts are emerging on grocery store shelves, providing a refreshing source of calcium and vitamin D to those who do not tolerate lactose very well!

Just like plant based milks, plant based yogurts do not always contain a good source of protein. However, most plant based yogurts are fortified with calcium, vitamin D, and live and active cultures (probiotics), so they certainly still can be a nutrition booster! Let’s compare a dairy based yogurt with two available plant based yogurts:

Yogurt Calories per serving Protein (grams) Calcium (% DV) Vitamin D (%DV) Live and Active Cultures
Yoplait Original Vanilla 150 6 20% 20% yes
So Delicious Vanilla Cultured (coconut) 190 <1 40% 45% yes
Silk Vanilla Almond Yogurt Alternative 200 5 10% 15% yes

As you can see, each yogurt provides some nutritional benefit of yogurt (calcium, vitamin D, live cultures, etc.). Each one can add nutrition to your day, so choose your yogurt based on food intolerances you may have, flavor or taste preferences, or even what is on sale at your grocery store! It can be fun to try new products!

Here is a breakfast recipe that uses the almond yogurt you can give a try:


If you are looking for a refreshing dip recipe that utilizes the coconut yogurt, try this one:

Pumpkin Spice Fruit Dip with CocoWhip

Last but not least, here is a snack recipe to utilize the traditional dairy yogurt:


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