Quality Matters in Colonoscopy

Colonoscopy for detection of colon polyps and cancer has become standard for adults beginning at age 50 (African Americans starting at age 45). However not all colonoscopic examinations are equivalent in their quality. There are several advantages in having your colonoscopy scheduled through Wake Gastroenterology.

1) Our gastroenterologists have a minimum of 15 years of experience in their specialty and each has performed in excess of 10,000 colonoscopy procedures.

2) We have special arrangements with Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Patients’ out of pocket expense for screening colonoscopy is typically limited to their small co-pay (in the range of $20-50).

3) Raleigh Endoscopy Center (REC) is the ambulatory setting where we perform most of our outpatient endoscopic procedures:

a) There are three convenient locations in Wake County, all accredited and certified by the State of N.C. and Medicare. REC has an active quality assurance program that monitors nursing and physician documentation and outcomes.

b) REC is equipped with state-of-the-art Olympus HD 180 series endoscopes. These wide-view endoscopes provide magnified high-definition images of the digestive system which results in improved polyp detection.

c) Sedation for procedures at REC is accomplished with Propofol under the supervision of trained and certified anesthesia staff. Propofol is a fast-acting, comfortable anesthetic with an excellent safety profile. It has rapid clearance and a short clinical effect, resulting in a faster recovery time for patients.

4) Microscopic examination of all tissue (including polyps) removed during endoscopy are performed in our in-house pathology laboratory. Slides are reviewed by board-certified pathologists and reports are integrated directly into our electronic medical records. This allows for faster review, allowing us to get the reports back to our patients more quickly.

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