CT Instructions

Before Your Procedure

Some CT scans require no contrast. However, in most instances it is necessary to use a variety of contrast materials to enhance certain tissues or blood vessels. If your exam requires contrast, you may NOT eat or drink for four (4) hours prior to the examination. If you are diabetic, this changes to two (2) hours prior to the exam. You may take your normal medications. In most instances, contrast will need to be injected through an IV placed somewhere in the arm or hand. For most abdominal and pelvic CT scans, you will be required to drink two bottles of oral contrast two (2) hours before the scheduled test. The oral contrast is the most important part of your test. We ask that you drink all of it. You may refrigerate the contrast, but you may NOT put it on ice or mix it with anything. We understand that this is somewhat unpleasant, but it is necessary to drink both bottles in order to complete the test successfully.

When and Where to Report on the Day of Your CT

Your CT scan is scheduled at our office at 3100 Blue Ridge Road, Suite 103. You will first check in at Suite 100 and then proceed to the Suite 103 waiting area. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.

During Your Procedure

A patient table and a structure called a gantry is in the scanner room. You will recline on the table and, after you’re comfortable, the technologist conducting the examination will move the table into the gantry opening until you reach the first scan position. At this point all you have to do is relax and remain still while each scan is done. The number of scans required and total time for the examination will vary, but the whole procedure should take from 5 to 15 minutes.

After Your Procedure

You can get back to your normal diet and activities right away. Any contrast you were given will pass naturally through your body within a day. Your results will be available in about one week, allowing time for the radiologist to evaluate your images. If you have not received your results within one week, call your doctor. DO NOT MAKE ANY ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT YOUR RESULTS if you have not heard from your doctor.

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